Pozrite sa bližšie na náš tím. Každý z nás má niekoľkoročné skúsenosti s úspešným vyjednávaním zo skutočnej praxe. Pochádzame z rôznych profesií a všetkých možných zákutí podnikania. Máme radi ostré vyjednávania a radi pomáhame ostatným, aby pri ňom dosiahli tie najlepšie výsledky.

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“When it comes to the qualifications we demand of our president, to start with, we need someone who will take the job seriously.” Michelle Obama. Don’t stop reading - this blog is not about Donald Trump. In the run up to the election of a new Labour Party Leader 4 years ago, the four candidates were invited by LBC radio to quiz each other. You can see the questions to Jeremy Corbyn here. There are two points of note. Firstly, when asked if he wants to be Prime Minister he ducks the question several times, instead referring to the ideological changes he wants to make within the Labour Party. Secondly when asked about his qualifications and experience to be leader of a major political party his answer is objectively underwhelming – before being an MP, he says, he had been a local councillor for 10 years. I don’t think it is difficult to relate those answers in 2015 to the current divided state of the Labour Party.

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